Sixth International Brethren Conference on Mission

That the world may know

Monday 22 June - Friday 26 June 2015

Hotel Selene, Pomezia, Rome, Italy

The IBCM6 conference is in progress at the Hotel Selene, Pomezia, near Rome from Monday 22 June to Friday 26 June 2015. Some 700 are meeting from over 100 countries.

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IBCM6 main sessions and workshops

Speakers' and workshop introducers' notes

Workshop timetable

Programme dei seminari

About IBCM conferences

Stephen McQuoid speaks about the IBCM Conferences

The purpose of the International Brethren Conferences on Mission (IBCM) is to bring together every four years the national leaders of local churches connected with the Brethren movement across the world for spiritual reflection, fellowship and, we pray, renewed experience of the Lord. The overall goal is the mutual encouragement of leaders in the movement in the different countries. The specific objectives of the conferences are:

  • To seek the presence and direction of the Lord together
  • To enable leaders from across the world to discover and encourage one another
  • To strengthen networking and fellowship
  • To raise awareness of the spiritual challenges of current trends and cultural developments
  • To share practical experience, ideas and methods
  • To encourage younger leaders
  • To encourage the development of regional conferences with similar objectives
Those active in the Brethren movement in its various branches throughout the world are welcome at the conferences.
Video introduction to IBCM.