Dr David Smith
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BBus, BMin, MTh, DTH

David has been part of the IBCM ministry since 2011. He has a background in a variety of business, management, pastoral, mission, teaching, and academic roles. He is involved in leadership training, preaching and overseas mission, having a heart for people to be gripped by God’s grace and equipped for a life of passionate service.

As the International Training Director of Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) he lectures and teaches internationally in the fields of Pastoral Ministry, Leadership, Preaching, Theology and Hermeneutics. Cross culturally, he has been involved in leading International Mission Teams to Cambodia and Africa since 2008.

David completed his Masters research in the area of preaching, his work is entitled “The Preaching Community” and his Doctoral studies in the field of ecclesiology. David is the author of “Hidden Agendas”, “The Model Church”, “Connecting” and “God So Loves”.

Sanja Zurovac
Sanja solo 1

BSc (Psychology)

Sanja joined IBCM Network as part of organising team for IBCM7 in Rome, Italy. She is currently the Administrator of IBCM Network. She has experience as a caregiver among orphans, drug addicts, and children with disabilities. She has a heart for pastoral care and cross-cultural ministry teaching women how to care and embrace each other with the loving heart of God.

Sanja was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and now resides in Rome. She is a mother of two children and serves in her local church in various areas of ministry.



Ian Burness – Chair (UK)

Philip Barnes – (Canada)

Joel Hernandez (USA)

Hadyn Marshall (St Vincent & Grenadines)

Neil Summerton (UK)

Abraham Thomas (India)

Frédéric Walraven (Netherlands)

Ian Smith – Treasurer (UK)


Isaias Chicola (Angola)

Christian Ramirez (Colombia)

Kelvin Samwata (Zambia)

Peter Tan (Malaysia)

Russell Thorp (New Zealand)

Donato Santamaria (Italy)

Jim Armstrong (UK)

Ok Yong Lee (South Korea)

Rick Iles (New Zealand)




The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is responsible for the development of a global youth network.

Peter Calvin (Pakistan)
Joel Hernandez (USA)
Sheeba Jennet (UAE)
Daniel Lorefice (Italy)
Stephen McQuoid (UK)
Johnson Mwebembezi (Uganda)
Erika Raigne (UK/Argentina)
David Smith (Australia)
Frédéric Walraven (Netherlands)
Christian Ramirez (Colombia)
Ron Onn (Malaysia)
Aminadab Mbanzabugabo (Rwanda)
Sanja Zurovac (Italy)
Ann Choo (Malaysia)
Jonasz Malkiewicz (Poland)


BTN is responsible for facilitating the training network.

Russell Thorp (New Zealand)
Phillip Boom (USA)
Mark Davies (UK)
Simeon Havyarimana (Burundi)
Joel Hernandez (USA)
Allan McKinnon (UK)
David Power (Zambia)
Sunny Phillip (India)
Christian Ramirez (Colombia)
David Smith (Australia)
Len Smith (Australia)
Frédéric Walraven (Netherlands)



Christian Ramirez (Colombia)

Luis Mostacero (Peru)