LOCATION – Colombia

DATES – 9-12 July 2025

THEME – Straining Toward What is Ahead



past conferences

The IBCM-Hispano conferences are held regularly to encourage those connected with Brethren-background churches and assemblies in Spanish-speaking countries. 

The first IBCM Hispano Conference for Spanish-speaking countries was held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 31 July – 3 August 2013. There were some 100 people from 13 countries other than Argentina, plus many Argentinians.

The latest conference was held on 21-24 June 2017 in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

The third Hispano conference was held in the Dominican Republic from 10-13 August 2022.

The Hispano conference website (link: https://ibcmhispano.org/) has good resources, including video, as well as reports of the events organised throughout the Spanish speaking world.


Founding group of IBCM Hispano