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This page contains links to related web sites, which may be useful to you.  It is not a complete list, so feel free to contact us with suggestions for inclusion here.


BER’s vision is to promote biblical eldership for the glory of God by providing teaching, resources, training, and mentoring for current and future church leaders who will implement, practice, teach, and train others in biblical eldership as the model for church leadership. In other words, they are equipping one generation of elders to equip the next generation of elders who will, in turn, equip the following generation.


BTN’s purpose is to encourage education and training for leadership and ministry in local churches of Brethren background, and to encourage Bible schools and training courses which serve these churches in different countries.


BAHN encourages the study and writing of the history of the Brethren movement. Visit the BAHN website:


Mission: Emmaus Worldwide exists to glorify God by providing biblically-sound resources and structured study materials for the purpose of teaching people from every nation to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to live in a way that is consistent with God’s Word. 

Vision: Emmaus Worldwide’s vision is to see hearts and lives transformed for Christ through the study of God’s word.This is accomplished by the two main branches of Emmaus Worldwide: Emmaus Correspondence School and Books & Resources

Emmaus Correspondence School has been providing Emmaus Courses for the last 75 years and are available in over 100 languages. The best way to study through the courses is with the Emmaus Road curriculum.You can become an official Emmaus Connector, partnering with Emmaus Correspondence School. As an Emmaus Connector, you will get a major discount and helpful resources when you facilitate systematic Bible study using the Emmaus Courses in your local church.We exist to partner with and be a resource to the local church. The church is God’s inspired design to live out the gospel in community. Please feel free to contact us to learn more and find out how to get involved.


OPAL Trust has its roots within the Christian Brethren Assemblies movement. Significant numbers of our missionaries work in the Majority World where there is a dearth of literature resources available for discipleship and the training of leaders. Additionally there are large numbers of national workers working hard to impact their own people groups. However their effectiveness is often blunted by the
lack of affordable Bibles and other good Christian literature and OPAL Trust Ltd (Overseas Publishing And Literature) was incorporated in August 2003 to help address these needs.

Using our various contacts within the Christian book world to obtain Bibles and suitable material at advantageous prices, the Trust has now sent literature resources to 70 countries worldwide. A
book depot has also been established in Zambia. From feed back received, it is clear that with the help of our God the literature ministry we undertake is both helpful and rewarding.


We seek to serve the churches in the UK through:

  • maintaining regular contact with churches and church leaders
  • facilitating networking between them
  • provide them with advice, support, and publications.

Partnerships offers a range of books ( and other leadership resources. Partnerships also publishes a topical 76 page journal for leaders called “Perspectives,” which comes out 3 times a year. Back issues are available for viewing online (


Using experience he and Anneke gained among assemblies in Canada, England and Colombia, together with the tools developed while working with the Navigators and the Gideons in London, Philip Nunn’s Bible based, thought provoking and challenging material has been made available in web form since 2006. Widely accessed across four continents, it provides stimulating and encouraging resources which can be downloaded and reproduced easily. Philip’s Article Five reasons why I remain connected to the Brethren Movement is an interesting personal reflection on the Brethren movement by this IBCM participant.