"growing disciples worldwide"


The Go-Disciple project aims to develop an intentional discipleship programme that provides an accessible systematic contextualised curriculum designed to be delivered in a transferable mentoring process to facilitate evangelism and the growth of believers within our global network of churches.

growing disciples worldwide

mentor a DISCIPLE
strengthen a CHURCH
change a NATION




One of the most common comments we hear from people and churches around the world is the need for discipleship resources and training. Evangelism is happening and people are coming to Christ they say, but what is really needed now is discipleship. The Go-Disciple project is an online and in-print modular series of studies conducted through an actively mentored discipleship program designed to meet this important need. It starts at a basic salvation level and step by step seeks to move each person through to greater maturity in Christian knowledge, character, and ministry skills. The programme is created to be contextually adaptable, able to be used to multiply disciples in all churches..


The Go-Disciple Series consists of 10 tracks each having 10 sessions, covering material from salvation through to early stages of leadership. It is designed to be contextualised and delivered in a one to one or small group setting by mentors, area coaches, and national or regional trainers.


1. CONNECTING – you to the loving heart of God
2. DISCOVERING – the overall story of the Bible
3. BELONGING – to the family of God
4. UNDERSTANDING – the Bible for yourself
5. FOLLOWING – Christ with all your heart
6. TRANSFORMING – to live by the Spirit
7. MATURING – your understanding of God’s Word
8. SERVING – others through using your gifts
9. MENTORING – others toward maturity
10. LEADING – others in a church or ministry context




To develop and expand the project a significant amount of resources will be required. However, the importance and the reach of this project cannot be underestimated. The following resources will be required to support staff and cover other costs such as:

  • Content Development
  • Training & Delivery
  • Translation
  • IT & Online Systems
  • Publishing

This project is part of the ministry of IBCM Network. Please consider if you can partner with us. If you would like to support this project please go to www.ibcm.net/donations or contact us at ibcm@ibcm.net.

Click here for the Go-Disciple Project PDF document: Go-Disciple Project Summary 

mentor a DISCIPLE | strengthen a CHURCH | change a NATION