BER (Biblical Eldership Resources) Simulcast Conference,

“Reversing the Leadership Pyramid”

24 February 2024 at 8am MST (3pm GMT)

Speakers: David Anderson, Alexander Strauch, and Mark Hallock

In preparing his disciples for leadership, Jesus taught them a new set of
principles for evaluating leadership, relationships, greatness, and life
together in the believing community. This new teaching is what we call today
“servant leadership.” The Jesus leadership style means leading others, not
lording it over them (2 Cor. 1:24). It is an others–oriented style of leadership,
where the leader humbly serves the people—even the most insignificant
ones—expecting nothing in return. It is marked by a willingness to suffer
for the good of others, even to the point of being willing to die for others.
It is denying self and sacrificing self for others; it is leading by example; it is
washing the feet of others; it is loving as Christ loved; it is promoting and
advancing the gifting of others. It is treating one another equally as brothers
and sisters, not as lords with servants. Servant leadership ultimately means
imitating Jesus and directing people to him and not to oneself. Only Jesus is
at the top of the leadership pyramid.