Angola – Covid-19

Thank God for developing this very comprehensive instrument for Koinonia among the Christian Brethren movement (the IBCM Network Newsletter). This instrument will connect us, encourage, update and give guidance. Thanks for this previous biblical messages and encouragement.

Currently Angola has 5 confirmed cases of Covid-19, all imported, 900 citizens in quarantine, and 12 hospitalized. We have inadequate structures, and a lack of trained personnel and equipment. Yet, the Government of Angola is doing the best with the very poor economic situation.

Pray for us, that the Church leaders may have such an opportunity to grow in many areas and help the non-Christians to come to know the Lord. I have the opportunity to give talks on the national radio about the Covid-19 situation and use this way to link the messages to God´s warning and His plan for this World. Such an opportunity!

Pray also for the Health professionals and volunteers from the various churches and NGOs. Finally the lock-down in a poor and very populated city of Luanda with around 9,000,000 inhabitants with no adequate water supply, food, or electricity will escalate other social and health problems.

Please pray for us. Yours in Him.