Kenya – Covid-19 Update

Much greetings in the name of our lord God and the son Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world. Thanks a lot for our cordial partnership through prayer, care and support in this time as the world is on its knees to the Lord God for mercy in this time of COVID-19. God save your people and give all our brethren power in all our prayers. 

It is our felt most communication to all brethren that we highly bond together with you in our prayers for the mighty protection from God to all of us, families, and the ministries we do.

Indeed this is a trial moment, but we all need to rise up and give God his glory during this temptation time. We are indeed committed in prayer and the almighty God will help us through despite the effects of this pandemic, our God will not leave his humble people, but he will stand for us.

God needs our souls to obey him and to trust in him as this is a test of our faith. Let us be strong in the Lord because in history we have not come across this condition. The whole world is confused, both the young and the old but God is our Saviour and our master.

In respect to this we highly appeal for your prayer for the children in school as we face high challenges in this current I-Learning via computers. We are in a rural set up, the rain is heavy it is a blessing from God but pray for our unfinished school not to be swept away because of the roof. Again we cannot forget to request for prayers for our children due to this hard time. There is need for food, masks and sanitizers.

Join us in prayers so that we can save the lives of the most vulnerable especially orphan and the vulnerable widows. It’s hard and the local commodity prices are too high.

God Help the World. God bless you. Yours in Christ.