Kenya – COVID + Locusts + Floods

We need prayers. We are facing a serious situation. At this time when the world is facing great challenges occasioned by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We in Kenya are facing even greater challenges. As we grapple with Covid, we also are experiencing heavy rains that have caused flooding which has displaced many and several have died from drowning. The floods are strong, sweeping away even big trucks. Seven security officers were swept away in their trucks. Cholera outbreak is already being recorded in some places and several people have died from it.

Then we have the locust invasion which has attacked almost half of the country threatening to worsen the food situation. Locusts have not been to Kenya for the last seventy or so years. Meaning that almost the whole generation alive today has not seen them before. So controlling them is a big challenge. Given the little resources our government has, it possesses a great challenge. What we are staring at is a food shortage that will occasion starvation for a number.

  • Pray for God’s provision to our people, His servants, and their families.
  • Pray that we will take this opportunity to seek him more.
  • Pray that we will use this as a wakeup call to commit ourselves more in mission outreach.
  • Pray for unity of purpose as we seek his will. 

Also as in most parts of the world, all our planned activities and events were cancelled. We don’t know when we can have them again. Only God knows. We were to conduct some training seminars in partnership with our brothers from GLO the end of April and the beginning of May. That was cancelled. Join us to pray that God will make it happen in the future after the pandemic.

At the Fellowship of Believers in Kamulu we are seeking to join hands and help those who are in need due to the prevailing situation. Join us in prayers and support where God enables. We also want to reach people in the community with the same. We all join fellow brethren and believers all over the world in prayers in seeking the Lord to help us. Thank you, brethren, at IBCM Network for opening this platform where we can ask for prayers and also join others in seeking the Lord. God bless you all.