Nepal – Covid-19 Report

Greetings in the Lord’s name,

During the Covid-19 pandemic there is chaos all over the world. We are continually praying for all of you and for the Assemblies. Hoping and wishing you all are safe in the gracious hand of God. Trust you are doing the same for us and for our ministry and we appreciate your fervent prayers.

God is so great protecting us from this  dangerous world and guiding us in His way of life, even though the government has put so many restrictions during this corona time .

In the midst of pandemic that has affected the entire world, its been already 7 months months since the lockdown was implemented in our country and recently it has been partially opened in some sectors. So far 83,000 confirmed cases have been found here in Nepal and 520 people died of it. Today only, around 1638 new corona cases was found within Kathmandu and 2722 new corona cases was found all over Nepal. Day by day corona cases are increasing rapidly but government has reduced PCR testing  drastically. It has already spreaded into society we are living specially in Kathmandu. Daily 1500 ~3000 new cases appear in Nepal where more than 50% of it is mainly  from Kathmandu valley. Within  our community many cases had appeared and a mother of our brother in Christ recently passed away. We thank God that she listened Gospel, and that she was called in for her eternal home very peacefully without any hardship and pain . Currently her entire family is under isolation. She left her  final sayings to her other non believer family members saying not to do any kind of Hindu funeral rituals because she was Christian. Please remember and pray for this family to overcome this painful and sorrowful moment.

We have 1880 km open border attached with India. The month of September was the worst month as only yesterday 86000 new corona cases were found in India.

Many people are dying of starvation and poverty because currently in Nepal many people lost their jobs, so thousands of people are migrating themselves in search of work to India. Their world has been turned upside down. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown they are facing the loss of income, hunger and even death. The majority are untouched by any form of government intervention or support. Thousands and thousands are being  pushed away into extreme poverty. Our brothers and sisters are affected too. So far, we supported daily basic needs to believers who are in need, but still there are more believers that need to be supported as we are one family in God.

Nepal has the population of at least 81% Hindu country population. The Hindu’s major festival Dashain and Tihar is coming soon due to which there will be a high risk of increasing and spreading of corona virus.

In this critical moment church has two critical responsibilities such as to attain the spiritual faith and the second one is to provide for physical needs. So it is big burden for the church of Christ to fulfill these requirements.

So far we are conducting worship services and prayer meetings in our meeting hall among the saints who lives nearby. Most of the other denomination churches are closed for past seven months since the lockdown started, but we are taking risks. We have opened the church doors because our motto of life is  “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21. Other meetings such as youth meeting and Sunday school children’s meeting is held virtually through Zoom.

Please pray:

1. For our regular church meeting to be able to be held without any disturbance despite many restrictions – all the religious activities are currently banned and more then 25 people cannot be in one specific place.

2. For elderly saints, very young children’s who have high possibility to be infected from virus and also for pregnant sisters for safe delivery of  new born children, since hospitals aren’t providing proper medical services for other patients except for the corona patients. So please pray for the safety of all these three category of saints . 

We have huge burden to preach gospel  during  this pandemic, but this time is very unfriendly cause we cannot see, cannot meet, cannot talk , cannot gather to do spiritual work . But we would like to spread the Good News to reflect Christ during this pandemic because God has chosen and appointed us. “To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27

Please pray to be able to reflect Christ first of all in our life and among our society too.

We are always highly obligated for all of your love, prayer and support . May our lord highly reward to all of you according to his heavenly righteousness. Please greet all the saints in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and may Lord be with you . 

Your younger brother and sister in christ , 

Dhruba and Ruth