Nepal – Covid-19 Update

Due to Covid – 19 there is chaos all over the world, we are continually praying for you and all the members of the assemblies, hoping you all are safe in the grace of God.

In the midst of the pandemic that has almost shut down the entire world, it’s been a month since the country has undergone lock down. The authorities have confirmed 48 positive cases in Nepal and 10 have recovered, the remaining 38 are still kept in isolation wards. So far no related fatalities have been reported. The government might extend the lockdown for a longer period so we aren’t sure when it will open.

Many daily wagers among our believers are suffering because they aren’t able to work. This measn they are facing scarcity to fulfill their daily needs. Even the saints of Sarlahi and Chitwan are affected very severely due to this pandemic. Also India has announced lock down till May 3 which is also affecting our country. We have 1800km open border attached between India and Nepal. Right now this virus is rapidly spreading in India, which means regions near the border are severely affected. So the decisions that India make are also abided by in Nepal. Many people have been laid off from their job and now a food crisis has been aroused.

Since all the services have been stopped, thousands of people are travelling to their villages on foot for about 100-500kms just to escape the city because the prices of daily goods has hiked up due so they aren’t able to afford some goods for themselves. In this critical situation believers are faced with a double tragedy since the government has declared a lock down measure to control this Covid – 19. They are suffering due to lack food and a lack of other essential services.

With this grim reality before us, we have been conducting our regular weekly service and prayer meeting in the assembly hall. Our program is held quietly in the meeting hall among the saints who live nearby the meeting hall. The rest of the family’s worship in their homes because the country has banned the gathering of more than 25 people in one place. All large religious activities are also prohibited too. So please pray for believers to be free from this pandemic. 

Praise point:

1. We praise God that so far among our believers none has been infected. 

2. We praise God that He has provided some relief funds to support around 30 families of Kapan, Chitwan and Sarlahi assemblies. 

3. We praise God for his faithfulness and goodness that he has shown till this day. 

Prayer points:

1. Please pray for revival firstly in our lives, in our assemblies and among our fellow citizens during this pandemic. 

2. Pray that the assemblies may use this opportunity to show care and compassion through practical service.

3.  Pray that find to point people to Jesus, through the gospel from the scriptures throughout the pandemic.

4.  Please pray for that the virus does not affect the interior of the country and the indigenous people.

We are always grateful for you all for thinking and praying for us. My our Lord reward you all richly. Please greet all the saints in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and may Lord be with you. Your younger brother in Christ,