Rwanda – Covid-19

Greetings in His Name. I would like to share with you about the situation in Rwanda.  As the whole world is fighting against the pandemic of coronavirus, here in Rwanda it has also entered, and the government has put measures to help prevent its spreading.

We are praying that in this time of fear and distress, people may put their trust in the Lord and believe in Him who has overcome the world. We are also praying that believers may show God’s love to each other as the body of Christ in this time of Covid-19 pandemic. Some of them have already begun to suffer from lack of food because of having to stay at home and being able to go to work. But we thank God that government of Rwanda has started to help some of the people who have a serious food shortage. 

We are encouraging the elders to do their best to know about situation of the Brethren by calling them, encouraging them to keep their fellowship with God at their home, and through reading the Bible and praying.

Thanks for the IBCM Network newsletter which gives us information of what is happening from other countries so we are able to join with them in prayer.

We are praying that God may protect all of us in this hard time of the pandemic. We are trusting in Jesus Christ as we know that He is in control.