USA, Florida – Covid 19 Update

There are different amounts of concern regarding Covid 19 here in Florida. The Miami area is currently experiencing a rise in cases of people testing positive. Tampa also has had an increase in cases testing positive. However, there seems to be some good news. While people are testing positive in larger amounts those who are either hospitalized or even succumb to the disease those cases are very much in decline. As early as today the percentage of deaths was at 0.1%

Regarding the fellowships in the general area there are differences as to their gatherings. Some fellowships are not meeting at all. Many are meeting via Zoom or Skype platforms. Other fellowships are doing a combination of Zoom for the overly cautious and physical meetings in their buildings on a regular basis.

Considering the number of assemblies in Florida it is tremendous to see how the Lord looks after His people.

Honduras as a country is predominantly meeting via virtual platforms as it is closed down.

The Spanish speaking fellowships in the Eastern United States are also predominantly meeting via virtual platforms.

Cuba is now just opening up and the Christians met in their respective buildings for the first time this week.

The Dominican Republic fellowships are also using a combination of physical and virtual meetings.

There is one very consistent thing that we have heard from Canada, USA, Mexico & the Dominican Rep. The week night meetings are better attended virtually than they have ever been attended physically.

Some fellowships are considering keeping the week night on a virtual platform permanently. Some reasons that have been given are:

  • Believers who arrive home late in the day from work, but can now participate.
  • Areas in the country/city where driving 30–60 minutes to a building it is now avoided.
  • Elderly or impaired believers who can’t travel or drive at night can now join in.
  • Folks with children who rise early for school or adults who work early hours can be part of the weekly meetings.
  • Public transportation at night in some locations is not safely possible.
  • The sick are able to be and feel included.
  • Missionaries or speakers from other countries can be heard and enjoyed.

Al Adams, Tampa, USA