The Brethren Evangelical church in Tirana exists since 1991, when Italian and English brothers brought the Gospel for the first time to Albania. Since then many people have given their hearts to God.

Following the teachings of the Gospel, the Church of the Brethren in Tirana continues its ministry in many ways:

  • Radio Evangelisation – The service for the advancement of the gospel in Albania, done mainly through radio programmes of our station Alfa and Omega, which covers about 80% of the territory.
  • Evangelisation in the prison (male and female) – For more than twenty years we have been holding evangelisation meetings in maximum security prisons for both men (more than forty prisoners attend the weekly meetings, ten of whom are baptised) and women.
  • Social care – In collaboration with the Albanian Evangelical Foundation we bring material assistance and Gospel to the people in remote villages for whom no one cares for
  • Pastoral Care and Teachings – Responsibility of pastoral care in the church, the formation and discipleship for all, but with a special focus on young people.

Praise be to God that we were able to continue with all of these church activities, even in this pandemic period, but our economic possibilities do not allow us to carry out His work more consistently in our nation.

Dear brothers, the economic situation in Albania is catastrophic, many believers have lost their jobs, especially our young people and they need our moral and material support.

Pray to our God that, even in the midst of so many difficulties, we may continue to carry out the missionary work for His Glory.

Elders of Tirana, Rr. Vaso Pasha church:

Alban Nexhipi                   Ilir Çiço                   Lefter Roko