Greetings in the precious name of our Lord.

The pandemic has certainly gone on much longer than we anticipated and with it has brought many challenges but the Lord has been faithful throughout.

In Albania, we are experiencing the second big wave of Covid-19 infections and the death toll has reached almost 2000 since last March. As the government is unable to offer financial assistance and political elections are approaching, it appears that despite the increasing number of cases we will not go into another lockdown.

Here in Tirana, we are still allowed to meet in person on Lord’s Day, while we meet online Tuesday evenings for prayer and Thursday evenings for systematic Bible study. The children’s work and outreach literature work continue each Saturday as usual.

Some assemblies are not able to meet physically due to the capacity and situation of their venues but they continue their meetings on Zoom while the local elders visit believers at home for encouragement.

A high proportion of believers have contracted the virus over the past year and a number have lost their lives. The lack of medical resources offered by the government has constrained us all to care more for one another and this has produced a spirit of unity within each local church, as they strive together to care for one another.

In Christ,

Enris Nase, full time missionary in Tirana