Argentina & Bolivia – Covid-19 Update

“They only asked us to remember the poor; which I also diligently try to do….” Galatians 2:10

It is a great pleasure to have been able to visit different places and to share the Word of the Lord with my wife and the young people who accompanied us. It was a struggle to be able to travel since we could travel to some places but not others. By the grace of God two were doors were opened to us to spread the word of God.

We left with a truck full of donations to Casa Colorada (Rinconada Department), after 4 hours of travel and rising 4000m. After complying with the protocols, we shared the Word of God and gave the people in need, bread, warm clothes, shoes, sweets, and biblical material for the children and students of the Jorge Muller Bible Institute. My wife was able to share with the women, youth, and children. We were glad that they listened to the Word of the Lord and some accepted Christ in their hearts. All this was done in small groups. We spent time with them sharing the blessings of the Lord.

From there we left for El Angosto (Dpto Sta Catalina), crossing a winding road with many curves and narrow passes rising 4000 m to reach this place. Once there the brothers were waiting for us to share with them. There are only three Christian families and it was truly a blessing to share with them and carry out the same activities – preaching the Word and sharing with those in need everything that we had. It really was beautiful to contemplate the hand of God in the lives of the brothers who remain faithful to the Lord and to see the wonders of God’s creation. Even the children memorized Bible verses. We thank the Lord for allowing us to make this trip this month. Hoping to be able to do it again next month. I beg your prayers for them. As soon as we returned two days later, the place went into strict quarantine. Thank God that we were able to leave before this took place.

I ask for your prayers so that we can continue helping those in need in the mountains. They cannot come to buy anything during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  • Please pray that we can bring gifts, sweets, school supplies, and warm clothes for them in August.
  • Please pray for the brothers who work in the mines, many of them are sick with Covid-19.
  • Please pray that we can fix the truck so that it starts well. The battery was hit and is damaged.
  • We thank and praise God for those who support us in prayers, in offerings, and in donations of bread, clothes, sweets, shoes, biblical material for children.
  • We thank and praise God for those who support and sponsor students of the Jorge Muller Biblical Institute. To see them receive and complete their exams is a great joy and a great challenge to them. Thank you for being part of God’s work in the mountains of the Argentina and Bolivia. 

 Jorge Fabio Diaz and Family