Argentina – Covid-19

In Argentina officially for 9 days we are by presidential disposition under preventive and compulsory social isolation, although in many cases we have started earlier (in our case 17 days). No one can leave except for cases of extreme need, visits to the elderly, sick in general, pharmacy, grocery shopping and work (health, bus drivers, and security forces).

Because of what is going on in Europe, the government decided to take extreme measures to achieve a flattening of the contagion curve. “The mission is to preserve life, then we see about the economy” in the words of the president. This is a curious statement as I was on the lookout for them starting to treat the abortion law in the first week of this month. May this situation make the authorities think about this issue.

Today, our country has 745 infected with COVID, of which there were 19 deaths. Between now and tomorrow, the extension of isolation would be announced until April 13, although the critical stage of the pandemic would be the first week of May.

With regard to the work, yesterday we were able to have a virtual “Missionary Communion Meeting”. We had the presence of 20 connected missionaries. Each commented on how they continue to develop missionary tasks. Almost all via virtual form (Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Whats App). The rest through audios that distribute to the brothers. We also mentioned that in some northern churches they had to close the children’s canteens, but every day they bring food for them to prepare their meals at home. Thank God, they are all in good health, although there are twenty missionaries at risk because of their age.

Finally, since CeCaBíM we have suspended face-to-face meetings and students are taking their classes online with the teacher who connects live with them.

May God continue to care for and bless each of you and in your ministry.