Argentina Update – Covid-19

The number of infected people is now 966 and 24 are dead (official information) although these numbers vary constantly. Government authorities have mandated compulsory quarantine with education suspended at all levels, business activities and any kind of meetings prohibited until after Easter.  According to official sources, these steps taken will reduce the spread, by postponing the expected rise of the pandemic to a peak in May of this year.

Municipal, Provincial, and National authorities have already begun the construction of mobile and permanent hospitals in different parts of the country.  Argentine doctors residing abroad are being repatriated, the construction of mechanical respirators accelerated in local factories, and a series of other measures aimed to deal with increased efficiency and effectiveness with the viral situation.

Assemblies and other churches are holding virtual meetings and activities, to maintain the teaching of the Word, the preaching of the Gospel, Christian fellowship and prayers.   They also participate in assisting families in need.  Upcoming retreats, camps, and conferences were suspended and rescheduled for future dates.  No information is yet known regarding infected brethren or deaths.

We will appreciate prayer that God will use believers to boldly present His Word in these moments of much uncertainty and hopelessness. God has raised up in these days several servants who record and distribute messages of strengthening and encouragement for believers through various networks, as well as Gospel content for those who have not yet been saved.

Thank you for praying for Argentina, and for the work of God throughout all Latin America. March 30, 2020.