This episode focuses on missions work in Cambodia.

There are about 6 million landmines in the land of 16 million Cambodians.  Breadwinners disabled by landmines will harm families socially and economically. If a significant number are injured in the same village, the whole community is affected. And that is just one challenge caused by the Civil War in the 70s and later unrest that followed.

Our hearts go out to the Khmer people whose country was devastated by the civil war. The intelligentsia was practically wiped out and everyone suffers post-war trauma. Their very fabric of society has been ripped apart. How then can they rebuild?

Let’s listen to our guests on November 14, 10 am Malaysian time (GMT +8). Here is our zoom link again:

Join us for a talk with:

  • Tan Kian Huat & Akiko Minamide – Missionaries in Cambodia since 2017, commended by Bethseda Hall (AMK).
  • Annie Khoo – Serving in Cambodia since 2004, commended by Island Glade Gospel Centre.


Meeting ID: 618 207 0383

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