2019 brought great blessings for the work of the Lord in this part of our Master’s vineyard. After back and forth trips into Brazil, finally the first Brethren Assembly was established in Brazil and registered on January 4th 2019 in the State of Roraima in the Municipality of Canta at Villa Central.

As of today two more assemblies have been established in the said state of Roraima. One forty miles south of Villa Central and another 10 miles west of villa Central which will be registered shortly.(Tata-Juba and Ponte Novo respectively). A gospel Hall has been completed at Ponte Novo while Tata-Juba is preparing to start construction. The main building at Villa Central will also start construction after the completion of the Tata-Juba building. As soon as the covid-19 restriction is lifted I will be going to spend some times with these new assemblies to assist in both physical and spiritual matters.

While in Guyana in 2019, I visited 28 assemblies reaching as far as 500 miles in the jungle over a period of 9 months. While on these visits the Lord convicted and delivered men, women, boys and girls from sin, many were saved, baptized, while others were restored, strengthen and encouraged. A new area was reached with the gospel high up on the mountains of the Pakaraimas an area of land was given for a building to be constructed but due to the covid-19 that project is on hold, but in the meanwhile materials are being acquired.

2019 was a hectic year: Then came 2020 when the Lord give us a forced sabbatical beginning March when Covid-19 brought a completed lock down almost everywhere and we were kept indoors as a safety measure from the virus, it was very difficult for me to stay indoors being accustomed to keep moving. But slowly it dawn on me that I needed rest, bodily, mentally and spiritually  and find time to be alone with my Master, sitting at His feet feeding on His Word undisturbed like Mary to replenish that which was lost through unrelenting service. In ministry there is always a need for replenishing, finding an oasis in His presence.

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint”

November 1st our assembly doors were opened to the public.

Prayer Request:

Urgently need 500 Bibles

Funds to help in the construction of new buildings

Our health and personal needs

Need helpers, workers for the ministry

Ronald and Zita Charles