Warm greetings to you in the Lord’s name.

It’s been a while since we said hello to you from Uganda. The Lord is still upholding us in His mercy. The Kabale Regional referral hospital where I work as a counsellor and a member of psychosocial task force has suspended all non-emergency admissions as coronavirus cases continue to surge. The Covid -19 treatment unit at the hospital that was designed to accommodate 40 patients is now filled to capacity by hundreds of patients. The district Covid-19 taskforce extended  the treatment  unit to other wards in the hospital while all new  incoming  patients  with other medical conditions have been  advised to go to lower health facilities, only emergencies will be handled to decongest the hospital. Several health staff have contracted the deadly disease resulting in fatalities.

The Lord’s work is going on but with serious restrictions.  Some of our churches connected with us were severely devastated by flooding, many fell down completely. On the 18th and 19th November our country experienced the worst riots in a decade after one of the presidential candidates was jailed. His supporters took advantage of the situation and set roadblocks, burnt vehicles, and threatened genocide to people from Western Uganda who they claim are in power. Over 50 people were killed and over 840 jailed.

Our Church NGO licence expired in July this year and renewing it is now very difficult.

Please stand with us in prayer.

Johnson Mwebembezi