Greetings in the name of our Savior Jesus! I hope you are fine! Here in my town Prizren, the situation is alarming every day there are up to 10-12 or 15 people dead, and over 700 infected. There is curfew from 18:00 until 6 in the morning.

Even religious cults have been totally banned for two weeks and this is creating difficulties for us in our work. We have changed the strategy a bit, we are much more focused on family visits and so we are meeting the believers, we are praying and reading the Bible together, and we are meeting once a week on Sundays online.

We are continuing with the help of God to sow the seeds in the territory of Prizren. So far we have completed 36 villages house to house donating a New Testament and evangelistic leaflets. God willing at the end of December this program will end completing the whole our municipality, and evangelizing 76 villages. I am very encouraged by my two brothers, who are constantly with me in every activity, and are very humble and ready to serve God. I used to be alone, but God has given me two collaborators to proclaim His Word.

Please pray for four families in our assembly because they are in a very difficult economic situation. We have helped them by bringing them daily meals here in Prizren. Pray for all those who are open to Gospel and whom we are visiting to read the Bible and pray together. It is the testimony to their relatives as well. For example, there is a 65 old man who is taking care of his 110 years old father, and his 37 years old son who is mentally ill and unable to take care of himself. This man is very open to Gospel, so we visit him regularly, read the Bible together and pray. His relatives are amazed by what God is accomplishing in this man’s life through us, his ambassadors.

We ask you to pray together with us for the abandoned children here as well. Pray for these things to be the light for this dark place here, and for the light of Christ to shine in Prizren. Many blessings and we are very thankful that you are supporting us on our path to gaining the lost for Christ.