IBCM Network Europe organises a series of webinars, which are simultaneously translated in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Romanian.

Leading in times of change – January 29, 2021 at 18:30 London time

What are the main challenges of church leadership as we move forward from our present situation? How do we view the virtual as against the physical in biblical terms as a milieu for church life and evangelism? How should we return to physical church life, to what extent should we return from virtual church to physical church, how should physical church be different going forward, taking into account what we have learned during the pandemic; how do we carry forward/not lose what we have profited from during lockdown?

These are the challenges with which the church leaders all over the world are struggling as we move into the New Year.


Andrew Berghamar is 49 year old, married to Sara and father of five. He is half Faroese and half British, but has been living in Denmark for most of his life. Andrew and Sara have been serving in Skovlunde Freechurch, in the outskirts of Copenhagen, for 7 years. Besides this, Andrew was formerly the Danish fieldleader of Operation Mobilisation (OM) for 10 years. Andrew has a masters degree in Religious studies from Copenhagen University, loves reading and loves football, especially Manchester United.  

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