Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior,

We are so pleased to have this time to share with you brethren on what is happening around Marapyane village, so that you continue supporting us through prayers. We are very thankful for brethren who have been supporting our mission work for years and who do not give up holding us through their prayer.  As we all know COVID 19 has been a challenge of the whole world and the most affected are those who were already in the dire situation of poverty and marginalization. Our ministry has been more involved in fighting HIV/AIDS, church planting and discipleship for those who have received Jesus as their Lord and savior.

For this last 15 years being placed in this community, we have not seen some people dying and suffering the way we have been experiencing these last few months due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We have exhausted everything we have trying to help those in severe needs of food and counseling for those who are losing their beloved ones. Brethren the time is now for the church to be united and serve one another, people we see on the pictures come from different denominations and some of them have not even received Christ but we serve them with all our heart. Poverty is deepening and loss of livelihood are experienced on daily basis, people are losing jobs in town coming back home in the village empty handed. The infection with COVID19 is getting out of hand people are dying and others are sick.

On the 19 of December we have panned to deliver 100 food parcels of different itms and we planned to start at 9h00 in the morning but our yard was already full by 8h00. As usual before distributing our food parcels we start by having small church service and share the word of life to the people while waiting to have everyone around. The church building was full and we asked some more to stand outside as we were using a loud speaker.

Brethren its true people are really suffering going for days without food and we are aware that the government will not be able to do everything by itself. We ask you friends to keep us in your prayers and if there is any possibility of sending us just some few loaves of bread to give to our brethren in need please do that and our Lord will bless you.

Pass our love to all brethren in Jesus name

Yours in Christ

Leon Sabushimike and family