Bermuda – Covid-19

Bermudians, being on a beautiful island of 22 square miles in the Western Atlantic, often feel isolated. The current situation has many inhabitants feeling alone however there are wonderful reports of what is happening with Gods people.

The authorities confirmed positive cases in Bermuda now stands at 37; and 14 people have recovered, while six people are hospitalized. No related fatalities reported. The island is on lock down with exemptions for the wonderful “Angels of Mercy” who provide the necessary help to those in need.

Churches are closed but Believers are much in prayer. It is a joy to see the many “Ambassadors” of Christ who are utilizing the telephones and social media to reach out to many who are shut in.

As we pray for safety and healing, we thank God for the miraculous opening of a door that saw Bro. and Sis. Richardson who were returning from ministry in South Africa, the Tucci family; believers returning from vacation in Antarctica and several students return home safely in spite of the cancellation of all commercial flights.

Let us all acknowledge God’s sovereignty and be obedient to His leading as a result of Covid-19.