DR Congo – Covid-19

Hello to all the children of God around the world.

I represent the 39th Emmanuel Community in the Democratic Republic of Congo, having 305 assemblies within it. I am very grateful to be able to read the IBCM Newsletter in French and hear of all my brothers and sisters are going through around the world. This causes me to pray for them.

Our country DR Congo has stopped all activities since March 20 for 30 days pending the continuation of the pandemic. Life is very difficult, and the population does not follow the recommended medical advice, this can cause the spread of this nasty disease throughout the country. Pray for us.

For the last three Sundays, each family has been praying at home as well as joining in worship via the screen. The family of each believer prays at home and the elders pass through houses to give the sacrament to the Christians gathered in their homes.

Churches that have radio stations broadcast the biblical message on the radio. I pray that our community can have a radio station to be a tool for communicating the Word of God in the future. If you can pray with us for such a need.

Finally, let us pray for the assemblies of the Democratic Republic of Congo to continue to grow in spite of this scourge. We have faith in God because he is the one who controls the whole world and we are ready to accept his plan for his church and for the world.

God bless all brothers and sisters around the world.