Pakistan – Covid-19

Story of helping others who are desperately in need.

Yesterday I went to buy some groceries and I had to search for two hours to get some items of groceries. When I checked the prices of the basic food items, they were so high. When I was buying some vegetables, a lady who wears a veil (Burqa) came to me and asked me to help in buying some of the items of groceries and vegetables. she does not look like a bagger, but she shared with me that she has five daughters at home who are hungry for two days. “We do not have anything to eat.” She said she is the only person to earn for the family but because she is a daily wager, she was not able to find any work because of the complete lockdown in the country. I looked at her, she was weeping and begging for help. I could not control my tears and immediately I cut short my items of grocery and vegetables and gave her a good amount of food items.

A thought came to my mind what about my family and my children who are also in great need of these things in this difficult time and they are waiting for me. Thank God that I rejected this thought of selfishness and I believed that God would provide to me and my family and I was happy to help her. She was jubilant and thankful and went on her way saying a lot of blessings and prayers.  I prayed in my heart to God asking God to continue to help her and her family in this most difficult time in the country. I also prayed to numerous people poor people who are most affected by the COvid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. I came back with a small number of food items and groceries and before my wife and three children would ask, I told them this story. They were so happy that I was able to help her. 

God taught me that we need to be ready to help others. Friends I want to encourage you to be ready to help others even within our limited resources. Our Lord Jesus taught us ‘’It is more blessed to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35). It does not matter how much we give it matters how happily, generously and sacrificially you and I give. It’s not about quantity it’s about helping attitude/lifestyle. This is the finest time to show your Christian love, care, and testimony without any gender, religion and cast discrimination. God would bless all of us, our country and our world and give us freedom from this CV pandemic. Amen

The situation in Pakistan.

Let me share about the situation and great need of Pakistan Church. The actual problem in Pakistan is a complete lockdown in the whole country. People are paralysed in their homes. This is a good act to control the speed of the CV, but many are daily wagers they are not able to earn for the family to fulfill the even basic needs of the families they are very much affected.

Christian people are vulnerable because most Christians people are daily wagers and labourers, also they have lower daily jobs.  Many Christian women are working in the houses of rich people and now they are not able to go for work. So, they are struggling a lot. The government is helping but the system of help is very long, slow and complicated and there are cases of discrimination towards Christians. I meant in some villages Christians are not getting help because they are Christians. This is very discouraging. For the last two weeks, people have been in their homes and they have spent their limited saving now they are looking for help. We as Christian leaders want to stand for our people to help and support them.

There are thousands of people who need urgent help. There are more than 1000 families in our circle whom we want to help survive with financial aid. But we want to focus on 500 in the first phase and if the Lord provides more, we can include the other 500 families also. There are two ways to help. First is to get a package Rs10,000 (approximately $60 US) per family and buy  1) basic food and necessary food items for (1 month), and 2 ) a small packet of basic medicine including some masks, sanitizer or pack of soap and 3) some books for the children who have completed their academic year but were not able to buy books and attend the schools, so this way they can study at home. All these three bundles will be put into a basket and be sent to them with the help of our staff. This is a practical way in this difficult situation to help the neediest people. The other way of helping is making a list of families and distribute in a nice way Rs 10,000 per family so that they will be able to buy these things by themselves, which involves less travel, less crowding, and less chance of spreading CV. This way seems more practical in this situation. You are welcome to be part of this meaningful purpose.

Prayer points:

  1. Please pray that the Lord would change the situation in Pakistan and the world and bring all people out of this situation. God brings healing and provision.
  2. God would strengthen the faith of the Pakistani church and they will not lose hope.
  3. Please pray that support, financial aid, and food supplies will reach the neediest and neglected Christian people of Pakistan.
  4. That God would provide to reach many who are in great danger of death because of no food supply.
  5. That the Pakistani church will be more gracious and generous to all people without any discrimination.


(shared with permission)