Since the Covid 19 lockdown started the migrant’s workers had to leave the urban cities to their own native villages. In the church planting areas where our ministry serve three to four times we organised help to the believers. Moreover, during the last five weeks’ time the flood effected Bihar area again, and we started helping thousands of families.

We have visited many villages, where people lost everything. People used to sit hours waiting to welcome us and receive the grocery kits.

As soon as we landed in a village many women welcomed us, each of them having many children. These children did not have any cloths on, and when we got closer we saw that many had all kinds of skin diseases. Some women came to us crying and telling our children and our man have no food. They were eager to see their names on the lists for distribution, forcing us to give them the grocery as they were starved to death. Mothers and fathers would first give their children food, and they would eat what the left overs, if there were any. We have seen a man who died because of lack of food, it was heart breaking. Many widows came to take a grocery kit. I don’t know how they carried it, it was more than 250 kg. My heart was breaking as I was looking at them carrying all that weight together with their children.

We went to another village Bhudha Nagara. There were 700 families who remained homeless, due to the floods of the river which comes from Nepal and Uttarpradesh, from Himalayas. Every year it floods, but government cannot help the population, as it has no plan how to move the people to the safer side. The lands are very plain, and when the water comes the people go where the water cannot reach. They all stay by road sides days and weeks, till the water is gone. So, in this village one of the ward member is helping us a lot in finding out the neediest people. Many people lost their huts, few disappeared in the water. We gave them plastic for protection.

That day in the night we visited a village we reached by walking in the water for 2 km without life jackets. Many women were waiting for our arrival. Among them there were women who lost their husbands. They were having three or five children in their hands. Many children had no clothes to wear, not even underwear.

There were 17 widows who lost their husbands recently. They took their groceries kit what we gave to them and gone back by foot nearly six km carrying it over their head. Seeing this I couldn’t sleep, my heart was breaking to see how the poverty kills these people.

We have witnessed the phenomenon of many man leaving their villages going out of the Bihar state to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and Delhi to find the job to support their wives and children, working day and night. Now we witness their families in the villages they have left. Only God can do something what we can’t. We cannot help everybody. The government official news say that 16 districts, 80 millions people have been affected, and I have seen with my own eyes the effects of this. We have so far helped thousands of families, and it is only a drop in the ocean of need. Please pray with us as we serve here together with four evangelists and some volunteers’ brothers who are helping us.

We are targeting 15 villages among which in nearly 8  we have already distributed groceries, plastic mat and plastic tarpaulins for temporary shelter. There are other 7 villages where many fathers and mothers weep in front of us because of their poverty, not being able provide basic needs of their own children. Among their basic needs are food, water and sanitation. We already supplied groceries to more than 3000 families in the time of lockdown, and to appx 350 believer’s families in five areas of our church planting. Please pray with us as we are planning to provide community mini water project and also community sanitation (toilet). They don’t have toilets, they use open fields for their needs. We help with children tuition teaching them Bible stories as well. This is the way we are doing the Lord’s work, and the Gospel is proclaimed in these villages.  

Please pray for all the village people to know the true God. They must come out of god and goddesses (blood thirsty goddess). Only then they will be free. They would understand where their poverty comes from.

I don’t know how to bring all this needs to God. But I know He is a living and true God to provide the needs of the people. Thank you.

For Prayer:

1. On Monday 14th Sep 2020 I am visiting again Bihar, and I will stay there till the first unit of community mini water project and toilet sanitation project is completed. This first unit of the project is sponsored by brother Corrado Camagna (900 Euros) from Italy, whom I met last IBCM conference in Italy. Please pray for the work and also me and our team safety protection from all kind of viruses.

We thank you once again the depth of our heart for all your prayers and supports of this work. May the Lord give you rewards the days to come.

”He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord.
And He will pay back what he has given” (Proverbs 19:17)