South Africa – Covid-19 Update

Greetings brethren, the year 2020 will be a year in the history of the church where congregants were allowed together but not sing or testify. On the top of that since the breakdown started it seems like we have to start calling people to come to church. The attendance has dropped due to the fear of the pandemic.

To the man who himself strives earnestly, God also lends a helping hand. -Aeschylus

Blessed are the happiness makers; blessed are they that remove friction that makes the courses of life smooth and the converse of men gentle. -Beecher

Light is the task when many share the toil. -Homer-These are the words many of our community members will say to those who have helped through this time of covid 19. All of the food parcels donated to the people after receiving they all said thank you very much.

An elderly woman said: ” I will eat my groceries slowly until next month. God has remembered me again, we wish all the churches around were like this one.” We also want to say thank you on the behalf of our assembly and our community once again for all the sponsors of the food parcels and for all the prayers thank you very much. Please continue to pray for us.

Leonidas and Lorraine Sabushimike