Chile – Covid-19 Report

In Chile, the official report on August 31 shows a total of 413,145 cases of COVID-19 of which 16,034 are active and 385,790 recovered.

The total of deaths reaches a total of 11,321 people.

On the last day, 1,415 cases were reported and 26,326 PCR tests were carried out, yielding 5.37% positivity. 66 percent of the cases have been registered in Santiago, the main city.

Quarantines are being partially lifted in some cities, but students have had virtually no face-to-face classes during the school year that began in March and ends in early December.

With regard to the brothers of the Assemblies, the cases have been really few, no more than 30 and only two brothers of advanced age died.

The Churches continue to congregate in a virtual way through the various platforms available with meetings and conferences, a fact that has been very useful to go to many homes with the Word of God.

On the other hand, many brothers have seen their salaries reduced considerably and others have lost their source of work.

During this time our ministry in Chilean Patagonia and especially in the school has been focused on spiritual support and social help with things such as food, wood for stove, fuel, medicines, cloth and shoes. Many families have lost their formal work and depend on this support. This work has been a means to tell them about God’s love and  the message of salvation.

We thank all those throughout the world who pray for this place at the end of the world.

God bless you.

David Araya.