India – Covid-19 Update – Bethel Ministries

Last day (22nd August 2020) our Team members reached at Kanhara, Muzaffarpur District, Bihar state for Survey. Because we heard that people of Kanhara is staying in very bad conditions because of flood. When we reached them we found that condition of Kanhara is even worse. All people left their home and staying on Bandh. Many people lost their home in flood water force. We survey that around 310 families are staying there. Many people have no food to survive their families. Because of Corona they are not able to work and provide for themselves.

A lady started to cry saying that it has been 2 days since her children had last meal. Her husband is going for work but people are not giving him any work because of Corona virus. She kept crying. Brother Prakash gave her little money to buy 2 kg of rice. Another lady said: “No government help has reached here “. This time government is also silent. She asked food from us and said that some days they are eating and some not, saying that they lost everything. Like her many people talked about their problems. We found these people genuine. More than 10 people are sleeping together under 1 plastic sheet which they have purchased. Many having no plastic to made their shelter. There are approximately 200 people in these conditions. We appreciate your valuable prayers and supports for these needy people. Thank you.

Yours in the Lord’s service

Bihar Covid 19 and flood relief work team.

For Bethel Ministries, Hunsur, Karnataka