Pakistan – Covid-19 Update – Development Communication Association

COVID-19 pandemic is a big challenge for the world therefore everyone is affected with coronavirus crises in shape of health or economic burden. In developing counties like Pakistan majority of people are economically and socially affected. Pakistan is a under developed and over populated country where COVID-19 impacted lives through increasing economic burden because lot of people have lost their jobs and they were facing food crises.

Christian in Pakistan living as religious minority and they have been already facing lot challenges such as discrimination at their work places & education institutions, low income, living in extreme poverty, forced conversion, living under blasphemy threat as well as working as daily wagers. Therefore COVID-19 became another burden on them, they lost their jobs or stopped to work by their owners.

Mostly these vulnerable and oppressed believers are working as maid, domestic workers, beauty salon workers, and janitorial services at shopping malls, marriage halls, factories and driving taxies etc., they are earning very low income which is not only fit to feed their loved ones even they don’t not bear educational and health expenses. In

 July it was reported that one believer was living in Youhanabad (a big dwelling Christian area) had suicide due to loss of his job. He was facing hunger without earning and he could not feed his family. Many believers belong to teaching professions in Pakistan and mostly are working in private schools and since March 2020 schools are closed by taking precautions measure of spreading coronavirus. These schools run through collecting fee from their students. School administration did not receive income in shape of school fee so they did not pay salaries to their staff including teachers, administrations, supporting staff. These people are still facing financial crises. Some of these testimonies are as follows: “Ms. Sonia was teaching at in a private school as a teacher and since her school is closed due to COVID-19. School’s administration did not pay salary to her and other staff as well. She was only in her home to run her household and she manages her home with her salary which she earns from school. Now she was worried that how she feed her family members. She thanked for this food package which she received twice time”

“Manha Masih and his wife are in old age and they live alone in their home. His wife work as maid to earn money but her owner’s stopped her to come to work because COVID-19 pandemic. They live alone and they don’t have any support when they got food packages they prayed for food provider that God blessed him. ”

“Mrs. Akram Mashi has been facing debt crises because her husband is a jobless as well as they got loan from landlord to fulfill their need and they have been returning regularly monthly installment but her husband lost job due to corona crises, they are not able pay installment for last three months and the debtor is threating them and asking his amount. But due to loss of job they could not able to pay installment to debtor as well as they don’t have money to purchase food items for their survival. She was very upset and she is praying to get some help and in the mean time we reached her out with food through brother Randy supports for food. When she got food package she was very excited and she said that she will be enabled to feed her family. She thanked for this food and gave blessings to supporter.”

On behalf of Development Communication Association, I would like to extend my thanks to your prayers and your support which enabled me to reach out another 50 families with food packages in order to fulfill their hunger. Development Communication Association (DCA) is a non-governmental, non-profit and faith based organization. Registered with Joint Stock Companies under Society Act 1860 with vide registration No. RP/2760-L/S/06. DCA is dedicated and committed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among people in order to give them good news and introduce them about Jesus.

Therefore, we are distributing New Testaments and Hope Magazines among people in schools, hospitals, seminars, conferences and churches to provide them an opportunity to know about Jesus as their personal savior.

Once again thank you so much that your prayers and support for these vulnerable Christians in Lahore-Pakistan who are suffering with shortage of food during the pandemic time. No doubt that need is very hug but your prayer support feed someone so we need your prayers for those families who are still waiting to get food for their survival.

Yours in Christ,

John Michael President Development Communication Association