India – Covid-19

We are doing well by the grace of God. All are still in lock-down but we are allowed to go for food stuff.

In India, the Covid-19 situation is increasing day by day. Unemployment is going to increase rapidly. Many of our believers passed away due to various ailments. Young and old. Most of their families were scattered around the world. And it was a painful situation. From the Indian assemblies so far only two people went to be with the Lord due to Covid-19. Both were in USA.  A young Indian sister (34yrs) passed away in Kuwait. Leaving two little boys and her husband. He lost his father in India two weeks ago. He couldn’t come for the funeral. So painful. 

Believers in the villages do not have access to Zoom or the internet. City assemblies are meeting on Zoom. SBS has produced almost 20 Episodes for children in the local language. Last week we conducted an online Child Evangelism Training via Zoom. Almost 150 participated for three days.