Romania – Covid-19

As brethren assemblies we are struggling to find a way to communicate the Gospel to others! We are more concerned about the fellowship among us. The believers are connecting via zoom and this is the most common here. Just a few our ago spoke to the leaders responsible with the evangelisation and they are motivating the assemblies in the area to call friends, to send tracts, to help with the shopping or the doctors and nurses to share the Gospel to patients with Covid-19 in Hospitals.

Here is some information about us:

Update to “red area” of Coronavirus Suceava. Suceava area is the most afected in Romania. We are situated in the North Eastern part of the country and the population is over 600 thousand people, of which around 500 doctors and nurses  infected with Covid-19.  This is just the official information with people who are connected to hospitals, but there are more at home and the real number is unknown. In our area there are over 40 Assemblies and about 4000 believers. Over 20 people from the assemblies are infected, some of them with very heavy pain and at least two of our young and best preachers were in hospital due to pain in the lungs and lack of breath.

Daniel, the director of a Christian radio was in a very bad condition, the doctors  said at some point that he had just a few minutes to live, his oldest daughter sent a desperate message: pray for my father. The miracle took place: suddenly his breath improved and he  felt better. His brain was affected very badly. The following morning the doctors decided to send him to psychiatric ward, again his wife sent a message to believers from assemblies that the Lord would make a second miracle. The following morning he asked for food, and one of our sisters who works in the hospital as a nurse came to see him ( the others were afraid), he asked for breakfast and what was the reason for which he was in hospital. He felt deeply sorry because he couldn’t remember anything. Please pray for Daniel, for his wife Tabita. They were out of hospital after 4 weeks apart from each other and from their children. She was not well and also their three children at home, were infected, too.

Another family with three young children are at home infected. They returned last summer from Italy, from Spoleto in Perugia area. Please pray for them, too.

6 of our brothers went to be with the Lord, where they were expected to be, but the families back home are suffering. A Christian lady of 46 went to be with the Lord. She left 17 children behind, some of them very young. So, please pray for them. We are praying for our brothers in Christ from Italy, Spain, France, UK, USA, they have many more victims of Covid-19.

Today, Romania, with a population of 19 million people, has got 10.096 infected, and 1.000 doctors and nurses. Half of the people area from Suceava area.  We trust in our Lord and according to His will, we are caring on for His glory and the purposes of His Kingdom.