Kenya – Covid-19


COVID-19 pandemic has made Kenyan situation frightening and uncertain. The Kenyan Government ordered all schools, colleges and universities in the country closed after the confirmation of three people having been infected with Corona-virus. By the end of the week we were at 7, only to be surprised when it rose to 28 confirmed cases recently. This has forced the government to suspend all the churches and mosque gatherings as a further measure to help contain this pandemic. There are still quite a number of patients yet to be confirmed.


Kenya has now entered the crucial phase on pandemic threat. The situation with Street children and Street families in Kenya has become pathetic. They depend on well-wishers for food and emotional, spiritual nourishment. Now empty streets; with just a handful of people, they are under a threat of starvation and emptiness, with a raise in crime rate and they seek to meet their needs. Most of our partners and friends from the Slum areas and remote villages are also facing this difficult times. They depend on daily labor to earn their living. Now with the lockdown looming, they have no source of income and their families are already suffering. Some are at risk of infection because they still travel with public transport to go and work in people’s homes to earn an income. Children under our orphan program are already suffering. All of them have been evacuated from our boarding facility to their guardian parents’ homes in compliance with the Government’s directive to contain the pandemic. Basic needs like water and food have become too much expensive. The prices have gone high and at the same time it is a scarce commodity.

Need For Prayers

i. Pray for all orphans under shelter of Hope who are currently feeling the impact of this pandemic

ii. Pray for our partners, friends and destitute children living in the slums and Kenyan remote villages in their needy situations

iii. Pray for protection of all our friends and partners globally

iv. Pray for the wisdom to handle the situation beforehand and still creatively do ministry from where we are

v. Pray for Shelter Of Hope, Vision Ministries Kenya and their beneficiaries


During this trying moment, we continue to hold on the hope that The Lord God will rescue us. This is indeed a time that brethren need to join hands together to pray and support the destitute in the society. Your prayers are very important and effective and for sure will avail much.