Malaysia – Covid-19

In Malaysia, the government has instituted Movement Control Measures (MCO) since 18th March 2020, and this has now been extended to 14 April.  This initiative is to ensure people stay home and can only leave their homes to buy food and medicines.

All are to adhere to social distancing regimes, use of hand sanitisers and now many people are wearing 3-ply face masks if available. All this is to try and flatten the curve (of infections) and to allow breathing space for the hospitals and medical teams to serve those tested positive with Covid-19.

All churches and places of worship are shut down and so are all public and social gatherings.  Restaurants and shops supplying food can only do deliveries and take-aways. No dining-in is allowed.  Churches which have facilities are live streaming their worship services. Small groups gather via Zoom and other video conferencing facility or by WhatsApp, email, etc.  

May we all turn to the Lord in repentance and obedience in this pandemic season looking to Christ our Lord who is the hope of the world.