Paraguay – Covid-19

In Paraguay the number of infected is 52 so far and 3 dead (official). The first to die was a doctor from the Baptist Medical Center and the second one who was also in therapy was a doctor from the same hospital. Three Paraguayans have already died in Spain. Our president has taken urgent curfew measures, financial support for the poorest population… above all, he spoke openly of his faith in Christ and invites the population to address the problem “on their knees.”

Plans are to urgently build two specialized hospitals. I am associated with ASIEP (Association of Evangelical Churches of Paraguay) and APEP (Association of Evangelical Pastors of Paraguay) and we have no reports of those who are sick. These associations are promoting and coordinating fasting and prayer throughout the country.
·   We pray that the pandemic will stop before winter

·   We pray for revival in the churches

·  We pray that the virus does not affect the interior of the country and the indigenous people.

A hug and blessings, from Paraguay.