Spain – Covid-19

The latest official figures in Spain are: 64,059 confirmed cases, 4,858 deaths, 7,871 new cases before yesterday. A high percentage of those affected are health personnel. Goods such as masks or respirators are missing. We are in confinement and you can only go outside for basic purchases. They are not ruling out more severe measures. Churches hold meetings virtually. In our case there are positive things, the virtual prayer meeting, by Zoom, now brings together twice as many brothers, more than eighty people connected. Several leaders and elders have been affected but none has died. In general, we are now more connected using all social networks and by one means or another there is daily communication. I am convinced that this experience brings important lessons for us as God’s people and focuses us on what is relevant. A hug and thanks for your prayers!  

Please pray: 1) for the church to communicate light and hope in Christ, 2) for God to provide for each family as there are many temporary layoffs.