Beloved in Christ,

Imagine you have the Word of God in your hands, in the form of a book. You open it, only to discover that it is blank. Every single page.

That would be how it is like, when the Word of God is not in a language that you understand, or in your own heart language. The pages might as well be blank.

How will we then get the Word out into the nations?

Bible translation is a proven way. However, there are many challenges related to it. In our next PITH Talk Show, we shall meet the following Malaysian women (ALL from the assemblies) who will share with us their experience in getting God’s Word out into the world.

PITH Talk Show #3 scheduled for October 3 (Saturday) at 10am Malaysian time (GMT +8).

TO REGISTER:  https://forms.gle/L5rwzUmCqew9x9pu8