Blessings in the midst of pandemics

I will not concentrate on the negative influences of pandemics. Here is the way the pandemics helped our assemblies in Poland.

Family life

When assembly halls had to be closed, we were able to spend more time as families. The older ones shared stories with younger ones, and younger ones took care about older ones. It brought more closeness in our family life!


Many people discovered the value of reading books, especially the Bible. We distributed many evangelistic books, for example, „Life or death… it is a question!”, „What are you afraid?”, and „I will not die… I will live!”. Picture enclosed.


Every week we had special programmes on Internet. The Gospel was shared to thousands of Polish people worldwide. We hope that after pandemics is gone we will continue using Internet more to share the Gospel.

Counselling by phone

It was a great privilege to talk with our friends on the phone. We thank God for those who asked questions about the meaning of life and „What happens after I die?”. Some people received Christ as result of those conversations.


Some assemblies were producing masks and sharing them with the people around. It has increased our concern for neighbors and disadvantaged.


Pandemics increased our trust in God’s promises for believers and a renewed interest in sharing the Gospel. God has led us to pray and begin initiatives to start new mission stations that could become local assemblies.

Czesław Bassara