The Democratic Republic of Congo is weighing up the scale of destruction and human cost of a volcanic eruption. Lava began flowing from Mount Nyiragongo near Goma late Saturday on 22nd May 2021, prompting an evacuation.

“The first eruption on 22 May killed over 30 people and the Goma Volcano logical Observatory has warned that the risk of a new eruption is real”, the first eruption of lava, ash and gas destroyed houses, Churches, schools and health structures, affected water and electricity supply systems and cut off roads. “This crisis is happening against the backdrop of a situation of already high needs in North Kivu”, explained the spokesperson.

Over 70 earthquake were accounted every day and it was shaking the whole country of Rwanda. Around 2 Million people live near the Lake Kivu and it being said that is very dangerous because this lake have Gas methane.

An earthquake on the border of Congo and Rwanda razed buildings in the city of Goma and Rubavu-Gisenyi on Tuesday and stoked fears a nearby volcano would erupt again three days after dozens of people were killed and 17 villages were destroyed by lava.

The quake, measured at 5.3 magnitude by the Rwandan Seismic Monitor, was the largest of over 100 tremors that have followed the eruption on Saturday of Congo’s Mount Nyiragongo volcano, one of the world’s most active and dangerous.

“We know that children were injured when a building collapsed on Tuesday. The quake appeared to have destroyed several buildings in the city of two million, and a witness said at least three people were pulled from the rubble and taken to hospital. Two Assemblies were on fire by a volcanic eruption and over 50 houses known of the believers were destroyed. After the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo, hundreds of thousands were forces to flee the Goma area. Now, some are trusting a slow return, while others have left their homes following a false alarm by the government.

Earthquake in Rwanda affected many family Lives
Rubavu is in the Border of Rwanda and Congo, over 5000 Refugees walked to Rwanda running after loss their house or scared of volcano.
Brother Aminadab, one of the Elders in the Assemblies in Rwanda, coordinate the work of the Association Salvati per servire onlus in Rwanda (Humanitarian). He hosted two of the families’ refugees from Rubavu after their house fall through the earthquake for around two for weeks.

Over 1200 houses are recorded to be affected by the earthquake in Gisenyi-Rwanda so many Families returns in the broken houses because they have nowhere to go. One of our churches in this area and believers lost their houses. They need your prayers and support.

Current situation
Now things are better many families are trying to return in their homes after the Earthquake reduce but so many needs to help them Especial those in Goma Area they are call to say they are hungry and loss of homes to stay.
Hoping that your prayers will work.
We are asking all brethren to pray for brothers and sisters affected.

Brother Aminadab Mbanzabugabo

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