Summer Children’s conferences have started in many places.

We had very good children’s conferences in two villages 160 kms east from Addis Ababa. Almetsena and Meki are new church plant areas. We had 110 in Aletsena and 82 children in Meki. God willing, we will continue these conferences in Adama and Koka. All these areas are new areas of work.

Assemblies in Addis have already started a half day one-month program. These Children and youth programs will continue until the school vacation is over. Around 1000 Children will take part in these activities.

Prayer Items
• For the Children and their teachers in Eastern Part of Addis, and for the youth and Children programs in Addis.
• For Ethiopia. Thousands of people are dying in the Northern part of the country. Please pray for the PEACE in Ethiopia. Only God can give peace!

Greetings in Christ,

Mulugeta Ashgare