South Africa – Covid-19 Update

Dear believers, as you are well aware, the current pandemic has devastated our economy and our country, and the economically disadvantaged areas of Southern Africa have been hit especially hard.…

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Colombia – Covid-19 Update

The situation here in Colombia has been very "interesting" it is the second country in South America with most Covid-19 cases right now and we have been under a strict…

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Japan – Covid-19 Report

1. Current status of Japan As of July 14, 2020, there were 22,094 COVID-19 infected people , 982 people dead in Japan . This number is low compared to other…

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USA, Florida – Covid 19 Update

There are different amounts of concern regarding Covid 19 here in Florida. The Miami area is currently experiencing a rise in cases of people testing positive. Tampa also has had…

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India – Covid-19 Update

India is in the fourth position among the nations with the rise of Covid 19 cases. As on 2nd July, 2020 there are 6,05,808 people affected and 17,850 people who…

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Asia Pacific (PITH) Webinar

A talk show with the General Seceretary of CBSM - 1 August 2020, 10.00 to 11.00 am (GMT+8) Topic: Disciple-making and Church multiplication PITH FB page live streaming:

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Italy – Covid-19 Update

Final update from Italy: many thanks for all your prayers! The brother who was in very critical conditions and was kept on medical coma, was awaken and when he opened…

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Peru – Covid 19 Update

Coming to the end of May and having learned that our lockdown was extended till the end of June, we thanked the Lord that the assembly was overall unscathed, save…

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